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Cost-Efficiency, Quality and Productivity

This page is operated as a resource to the manufacturing industry to improve cost-efficiency, quality and productivity so that American industry can better compete with offshore enterprises. You are welcome to participate by downloading forms and supporting documentation; uploading relative documents of your own; and by leaving comments on our interactive bulletin board.

  • Cycle-Based Check Sheets for each type of die
  • Standard Operating Procedures for PM related tasks
  • Results that support your decision to PM
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  • Training/Development Activities provided by DiePM

    Always Striving to Improve

    This Web Page is not complete. Your involvement will "flesh it out" during the ensuing years. It is meant to establish your confidence in the practice of PM and encourage your participation. More widespread implementation of PM principles to tooling applications will add to our base of knowledge. Your idea, improvement, approach may be an inspiration to someone else and theirs to you.

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    I am the Chairman of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers new Tool & Die Preventive/Predictive Maintenance Tech Group
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